Friday, September 17, 2010

P-Noy's 10-point Basic Education Agenda

Let me start this by stating the 10-point agenda of P-Noy:

1. 12-year Basic Education Cycle
I will expand the basic education cycle, from a 10-year cycle to a globally-comparable 12 years, for our public school children. At present, those who can afford basic education get into the best universities and the best jobs after graduation.

2. Universal preschooling for all
All public school children will have preschool as their introduction to formal schooling by 2016, and we will make this available to all children regardless of income.

3. Madaris education as a sub-system within the education system
I want a full basic education for all Muslim Filipino children. This is to give proper respect to their culture while providing a sound curriculum in English, Filipino, science, and math. Madaris education, with subjects in Arabic language and Islamic values education, can be integrated in our public school curriculum as additional subjects.

4. Technical vocational education as an alternative stream in senior high school.
I will reintroduce technical-vocational education in our public high schools to better link schooling to local industry needs and employment. We need to provide an educational alternative to better prepare the students for the world of work.

5. “Every child a reader” by Grade 1
By the end of the next administration, every child must be a reader by Grade 1.

At the core of our children’s non-learning problems is the inability to read properly. By the end of the next administration (SY 2015-16), every child passing pre-school must be a reader by Grade 1.

6. Science and Math proficiency
I will rebuild the science and math infrastructure in schools so that we can produce more scientists, engineers, technicians, technologists and teachers in our universities so that this country can be more globally competitive in industry and manufacturing. To build a culture for science and math, I will promote science and math clubs and fairs.

7. Assistance to private schools as essential partners in basic education
I will expand government assistance to private education. A strong private school system will strengthen our public schools by providing parents an alternative and not adding to the overcrowding.

8. Medium of instruction rationalized
We should become trilingual nation: Learn English well and connect to the world. Learn Filipino well and connect to our country. Retain your dialect and connect with your heritage.

9. Quality textbooks
I will not tolerate poor textbook quality in our schools. Textbooks will be judged by three criteria: quality, better quality, and more quality. Poor quality textbooks have no place in our schools.

10. Covenant with the local governments to build more schools
I will build more schools in areas where there are no public or private schools in partnership with local governments, as well address our persistent classroom and teacher shortages. We need more schools with smaller populations so that teachers, students and parents can form a real learning community.

I agree on some of his agenda because it shows that it would benefit the youth and can improve the literacy skill of the teachers and the students. I think that his agenda will help in the rising of our country's education despite having many people not able to study due to some financial problems and their status in life. I quite disagree on his 12-year basic education because for me, as a student it will cause more burdens to us. I am thinking that, if we will have a fifth year in high school, what would be the topics of the subjects? Will it be the introduction to college? If so, then I think that it has a good effect, we are being prepared to be in college, a new way of life.

Another good effect of this project is that it will help in decreasing the number of unemployed professional teachers and they need not to go to other countries just to have a work and a good salary. Another thing is that it will also decrease the number of people that do not know how to read and write. I also agree on the rebuilding of math and science buildings to help us produce more scientists, engineers, technicians, etc. and so that our country can be more globally competitive in industry and manufacturing. 

On my point of view, will this agenda work? Could it really benefit in the literacy skills of our fellow Filipinos? Does the government have enough budget for this? If this will work then it could be the start of a BETTER PHILIPPINES. 

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